summary widgets for vtiger

In-line Edits For Summary Widgets For VTiger

December 14, 2018
vtiger summary widgets inline edit
Summary Widgets Summary Widgets is a UI enhancing (no standard code modifications) extension that allows to add a widget in summary view of any modules. The widget can be selected from any related module and show information filtered on the basis of the configuration. It specifies things like name of the widget, columns/fields to display, limit records (if needed) & enable or disable ability to create new records from within the widget. New Feature – Summary Widgets Inline Edits As Summary Widgets is all about feasibility and response time, the extension now supports inline edits. This means that the summary you see of related modules in the widget – every field of each record is editable with just a single click. Try clicking on any field of any record in the widget, and you will see the accessibility. It gives the options to Save or Cancel any changes. So, once