Special Characaters

Office 365 Showing Special Characters in VTiger

June 17, 2021
It is observed that sometime when an email is sent using Office365 outgoing server in VTiger 7 CRM it replaces some of the characters with special characters in the email. In this article we will show you how tackle the problem of Office 365 showing special characters in VTiger Note: To see the Office 365 outgoing server settings, kindly check this link    For example The email that is received to the user is showing additional special characters that were never included into the email This error is caused by the core Vtiger or office365 code. In case, you are facing this problem then you can resolve it using following information Make sure to while creating a new instance of VTiger Mailer, change PHPmailer encoding to the provided encoding in Config.inc.php * Constructor * Constructor */ function __construct() {                  + global $default_charset;                   parent::__construct();                   $this->initialize();                   +