Schedule your meetings using VTiger Appointments

March 3, 2021
Vtiger meetings
Meetings are an integral part of daily business interactions in the form of business meetings, job interviews, medical check-ups and even for a casual meet up. That is why an appointment scheduler is becoming a critical part of our business and personal life. Appointment scheduler helps organizations to be more productive, organized and punctual. On top of that it makes sure that you have good enough time to prepare for your upcoming appointments by alerting beforehand. Schedule Meetings using VTiger, as its appointment tools is one of the best meeting scheduler feature provided by any CRM system. Appointment scheduling is one of the most recursive task , that you sales and support agents have to face on daily basis and sometimes create a-lot of hassle for the staff members. A sales agent have to schedule a meeting with a promising lead,  so he checks at what time he is available and

Customize Text On Calendar Tiles In VTiger 7

February 15, 2018
We enhanced standard VTiger calendar by adding a Job/Work Scheduler view. This allows users to see events assigned to each user without them overlapping onto other users/hours. Tile/Box text is configurable + unique colors can be assigned based on status (also configured by user). How to customize text on calendar tiles Click on the “Calendar” icon on the top right corner of the screen     Select “Job Scheduler” and and click on the “Settings” button.     Click on “Click here to configure tile & hover text“.     Click on the “Edit” button.     Here you can put any text or select form the fields that are related to this activity or task.     For further help, contact us on We’ll be glad to be of service.