ERP VS CRM and Vtiger

June 4, 2021
ERP (Enterprise resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) both are automated systems that are used to streamline and automate business processes. The difference between both the systems is areas of business where they are implemented. CRM is used to streamline front end processes of a business, while ERP is used to increase the efficiency of back end processes. Usually ERP covers alot more aspects then a CRM and in some cases the CRM used by organizations are actually a subset of their ERP. Vtiger is a great CRM system, but extensions make it more than a CRM system. This article analyzes, ERP VS CRM and Vtiger. This article analyzes, ERP VS CRM and Vwhere does Vtiger stands. ERP is used to manage overall business processes including supply chain, manufacturing, reporting, operations, human resource and accounting. It uses a centralize database to streamline the processes and workflows among the different departments of

Efficient Reporting with Vreports

May 20, 2021
Reports play a vital role in analyzing and  making right decisions for your business. They provide key insights and important details that can boost the performance of your business processes, e.g. better marketing campaigns, more accurate future forecasts, planed budgets and last but not least enhanced decision making. Reports in CRM system Reports are an integral part of CRM, that is why almost every CRM provides dedicated reporting mechanism. VTiger reports allow user to sort out heaps of data and generate meaningful insights based on data. On daily basis, your VTiger CRM system is fed with multiple gigs of data, this data may include new opportunities that your sales team created, invoices generated by your accounts department, project tasks created by the support team etc. Through VTiger Reports you can extract useful information from the data and then make better and smarter decisions. Using VTiger reports user can add detailed

Sales Reporting In VTiger

November 12, 2016
Sales department is the soul of a business firm, they carry out the most important activity of a business which is selling the product and the services to the customers. Selling product to the clients is the most difficult phase of a supply chain. For an organization to remain successful in this competitive business environment, an efficient sales department is required and managing sales are one of the toughest jobs in corporate culture. For managing current sales and for forecasting future transactions, sales reports are required. Sales reports are the tools using which progress of business is communicated from sales reps to the CEO, CFO, COO of the organization. Why Sales Reports are Important There are numerous reasons because of which sales reports are so critical for a business organization. From managing the day to day sales activities to prospecting future annual sales, all is done using sales reports. Some