7 Extensions To Boost Productivity Within vTiger

July 18, 2016
Although hundreds of vTiger extensions are available on vTiger Marketplace, selection of suitable ones may require some time and careful thoughts. So we gathered a list of 7 vTiger extensions that can help you a great deal in enhancing the productivity and efficiency within vTiger CRM. These extensions make some very simple changes like adding buttons, displays etc. to standard and custom views. So you can avail the same interface while saving time and spare efforts.   vTiger Quick Edit   Automation is about everything at your fingertips, isn’t it? Or at least it should be. That is what vTiger Quick Edit provides. The extension leads the list by enabling a very simple “Pencil” icon beside every relevant field, pressing which triggers the Edit function. The sole purpose of vTiger Quick Edit is to allow modification of related records (1:m, 1:1), while working in a record’s Edit/Create view. For more