VTiger Toolbar For Firefox Is Capabale Of Creating Records & Lot More

August 26, 2016
Firefox is one of the top internet browsers with a great number of users. If you are one of the Firefox users as well as the VTiger’s, we have a great VTiger plugin for you. With the Firefox plugin for VTiger 7, you can create records directly from the Firefox toolbar without the necessity to login again and again to the VTiger CRM account. You can create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets, Vendors, Products, and Documents. So there is no need to login to VTiger account every time you have a record to create, as you can do so on the go. This might be one of the best time saving features for your business. We have designed some extremely useful similar extensions for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 that are capable of all of these and lot more. Visit the Official Corrensa Website for details (the VTiger Corrensa extensions are