picklist field values

Perform Promising Actions On Dropdown Field Menus Wielding VTiger Picklist Editor

May 2, 2016
Picklist Field Values are found all over the CRM in modules. Say it is Lead, Opportunity, Contact, or wherever a drop-down is. As important as the Picklist Field Values are, as dozens of other features of Vtiger 7, Picklist Field Values are customizable. From adding a new Picklist field to rearranging and deleting a field value, Picklist editor provides countless options. It is worth mentioning that picklist field values are not same for all the roles and differ according to the permission that his/her role has. You can read about Roles in details in this document. Insert New Picklist Field Values to Lists With Vtiger 7, Picklist field values can be added to existing ones in the lists. The whole purpose is to enhance the versatility of the CRM. After the custom picklist value(s) is created, they will be available for selection in respective module. This is the text book