Parse Emails

Parse Email Attachments to the Vtiger using Email parser

June 11, 2021
Email Parser is one of the most advanced extension offered in VTExperts premium extension pack. This extension grabs data from the emails based on the mapped rules and parse it to the CRM. Email parser is basically an advance form of VTiger default email converter. Default features of email converter offers very limited functionality, to overcome this issue VTExperts developed email parser extension. One of such issue is, inability of mail converter to deal with the attachments that comes with the emails. For example, Most of the time the email converter will not identify the attachments. Even if it scans the attachement, still it will not add is to the desired records.. Parse Email Attachments to the Vtiger using Email Parser extension, it helps do save the documents that comes as attachements into the Vtiger CRM VTExperts Email parser VTExperts email parser also overcame this shortcoming of the mail converter