Outlook And VTiger Data Synchronization

January 3, 2017
The current business environment is very much dependent on technological advancements, with every new morning a new tool is offered to the business community to enhance their operations and the only factor behind these discoveries is the rapid growth of the technological sector. One such tool offered by the technological advancements is electronic mail a.k.a. e-mails. It is equally beneficial for personal and organizational use. When we look at organizations email has evolved from a communication tool to management tool. As in the past, the only purpose of the email was to communicate, but now firms use it in different innovative methods as a managing tool. Now question is that how important emails are to us? To answer this question, I would like to state some facts i.e. If you want to create an account on a social network you need an email, if you want to register for any

Email Data Syncing Extensions For VTiger

December 14, 2016
Communication is the soul of the current business environment, firms which excel in communication can interact with stakeholders more efficiently, thus they enjoy greater profits as compared to the firms whose communication process is ineffective. With the passage of time companies are introduced to more and more new tools which assist in making the process of communication effective. The list of such tools contains chatrooms, instant messages, discussion forums, blogs, video conferencing etc. But, the tool which has a most impact both in terms of professions purposes and personal purposes is electronic mail. Due to its adaptability to the situations emails are equally famous among business organizations and individuals. When we look at the business culture emails are used by the executives like CEO of the company to the clerical staff also make use of them for communication purposes. No matter a staff member is working for the organization from