Multiples formulas

Multiple Conditional Formulas in Same Field of IDCA

May 31, 2021
Multiple formula’s can be used in IDCA total fields. Here we will look at multiple conditional formulas in same field of IDCA. This article will cover syntax to apply multiple independent conditional formulas in the same field as and when required. This can help in many ways. For example. a field may be depending upon multiple independent conditions to produce the result. For this, you can use this feature to customize a field by adding multiple independent conditions in the same field with any arithmetic operator in between as required. Syntax: IF{(Condition 1),Value If True,Value If False} Operator IF{(Condition 2),Value If True,Value If False} … Here, Condition 1, Condition 2 : The multiple criteria, Values if True : Respective values in case above said conditions are met, Values if False : Respective values in case above said conditions are not met, Operator: Relation between the multiple conditions. Example: Add the following in the formula section