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VTExperts Mobile App a Better Way to Manage your CRM

April 29, 2021
A computer is not always accessible to a person, there are times when the users are away from their pc’s. At such times mobile apps provide instant access to the data stored to read and edit it. Mobile apps are a critical part of digital revolution, because of their improved accessibility, increased productivity and cost reduction. Suppose you just left the office and suddenly a client called you and inquired about the update on their recent project. You told him that it is in progress, by checking the status of the project on mobile app. Their are several similar scenarios, where mobile apps prove to be really handy and save people a-lot of hassle.VTiger CRM can also be accessed through different mobile apps e.g. VTE mobile app, Vtiger 360 etc. VTExperts Mobile app helps in managing your CRM on mobile deviced in a better manner, so we can say that

VTiger and Collaboration in Digital World

March 15, 2021
VTexperts empowering collaboration in VTiger
Collaboration is one of the deciding factor weather an organization will perform as a team or not, It is an integral part of successful organizational culture. In organizations different tools and exercises are carried out in order to improve the collaboration among the individuals. Therefore, organizations that use collaborating tools more effectively gain a competitive advantage on others. Similarly, digital business environment as well, collaboration is a must have skill in the digital world. CRM systems like VTiger  are providing a list of tools to improve collaboration in digital world Following are some of the advantages of good collaboration in digital world Better problem solving, with improved collaboration individuals can more freely help each other by sharing their ideas and view and it results in better problem solving for all of them Faster and better learning experience. when people collaborate with each other they learn more and the quality of

VTiger 360: The Mobile Android & iOS App For Cloud Editions

September 19, 2016
It is plain natural that you cannot sit in front of your personal computer all day long only to keep an eye about what’s going on in the CRM. Every single person has tasks to do, especially those with businesses to look. What if you could have a quick look on your VTiger 7 CRM without having the necessity to approach the PC? Maybe you have to check what was the most recent activity performed by your contacts, or in another scenario, your clients’ office and suddenly you have to check the fluctuation of the price of a product. So to cope up with little but important matters like these, you need a computer system, Wi-Fi, and so many other accessories. So why not save the hassle just by using VTiger 360 mobile phone application, because you can. Just by using VTiger 360 app you can save yourself from such