Run Pivot/Matrix Reports In VTiger 7

April 17, 2018
Professional Reports  is a tool built to fulfill the needs of all the businesses looking to run complicated, but easy to read reports. It includes a report builder which is capable of creating detailed, summary, pivot, chart reports. All the charts and reports can be placed on the dashboard for quick & easy access. How to Run Pivot/Matrix Reports Go to the Menu >> VTE Reports and click on the “Add Report” button.     Enter the Name, Description, Module and the Folder     Here we can Sum, Average, Min and Max values when working with invoices. For this example we only use Total.     Here you can change the label of the Total.     Here we have the ability to create Rows and Columns for Matrix Reports.     Here we can filter our Reports Status.     Configure Report sharing(For this example we use Public). Then we can use Frequency for schedule Reports.     Here we