market segmentation

Requirements For Market Segmentation

December 13, 2016
Market consists of buyers, and the buyers are different to each other in one or more ways. They may vary in their needs, locations, resources, buying practices and buying attitude. Market segmentation is to divide a market into smaller groups of buyers according to their different needs, behaviors or characteristics. Through market segmentation, companies divide large and heterogeneous markets into small segments. With these smaller segmentations, products and services can be reached more efficiently and effectively to the target market. There are many ways to segment the market but all ways are not effective. For example, consumers of table salt could be divided into blonde and dark hair customers. But, hair color does not influence the purchase of table salt. Effective market segments must have some requirements to make the segmentation more efficient. These are: Measurable Segments should be easily measurable after targeting. The size, profiles and purchasing power of