Filters are added in Complete Record Timeline/Summary (Communication + Updates) Extension for VTiger

July 16, 2018
In VTiger, if you are trying to find out more details about a contact/organization/lead, you would have to click through all the related lists and review any tickets/opportunities one by one. However, with the Complete Record Timeline/Summary (Communication + Updates) Extension for VTiger, you will be able to see all of it in a single glance. What it does is that it enables the user to see any communication (emails, calls, comments) as well as updates for a selected record. It rolls up the information from 3 relationship level deeps, meaning if you are viewing organization timeline, you will see any information related to organization (emails, updates, comments) as well as any information related to organizations’ tickets/opportunities (or other related modules).   We have added filters in this extension so you can see the updates of a selected module separately from the main timeline. For example, when user clicks any

3 VTiger Extensions To Customize Service & Sales Orders

August 29, 2016
We, here at VTExperts Inc., keep a closer look on our users’ needs. So, the significance of sales orders and services is not something that we look away from. While using VTiger CRM, the Product & Services can be managed in several ways. But we observed some important customizations missing, which could be very helpful in services & sales purchase orders management. These 3 extensions from VTExperts exactly cover those missing features:   Item Details Customizer – Advanced   VTiger Item Details Customizer (Advanced) is the pro version of its successor and standard “VTiger Item Details Customizer” extension, with several extra features. You can customize Item Details (Product/Services) for Quotes, Invoices, Sales, & Purchase Orders. Moreover, you can also specify new formulas for each column as well as customize formulas for Totals. The extension accommodates multiple layouts of item details section for Quotes, Invoices, Sales & Purchase Orders. Also, it is compatible with PDF Maker that enhances its

5 VTiger Extensions To Enhance Quotes And Invoice Generation

August 19, 2016
At VTExperts, we try our best to provide you complete CRM solutions. And it cannot be accomplished without focusing on the accounts department. So we created several extensions that will be extremely helpful in creating quotes and invoices more efficiently.   VTiger Product & Service Lookup   This extension for VTiger is specially designed to enhance the output of sales documentation including Quotes, Invoices, Sales, and Purchase Orders. You can manually submit the Part Number, Category, Product Description or any other field that you configure to be the search field for Products/Services and see the results without opening the popup. Also, you can specify separate result fields including price, description, or again, any standard or custom VTiger field. VTiger Product & Service Lookup eliminates the need for the extra click (popup) and increases the efficiency and accuracy of adding Products or Services to the Quote, Invoice, Sales, or Purchase Order. For

3 VTiger Extensions To Track Time & Stay On Top Of Support Tickets

August 2, 2016
As the competition grows, companies deploy more and more advanced tools and techniques to avoid time consuming tasks or get them done rather quickly. As VTExperts always brings on some outstanding customizations for your VTiger CRM, we also thought it would make it more convenient for you if we categorize some really valuable extensions. So we collected a series of 3 VTiger extensions that you can employ to save time and make things easier for support team.   VTiger Time Tracker – User Time Management VTiger Time Tracker Extension sounds like mere a time tracking customization. Yes, it allows users to keep track of time while working on important or otherwise assignments – but it does a lot more. It can run more than one timer, with the option to toggle between different running timers. Plus, it supports custom fields, comments, and manual time tracking. And it doesn’t have to stay on top;

7 Extensions To Boost Productivity Within vTiger

July 18, 2016
Although hundreds of vTiger extensions are available on vTiger Marketplace, selection of suitable ones may require some time and careful thoughts. So we gathered a list of 7 vTiger extensions that can help you a great deal in enhancing the productivity and efficiency within vTiger CRM. These extensions make some very simple changes like adding buttons, displays etc. to standard and custom views. So you can avail the same interface while saving time and spare efforts.   vTiger Quick Edit   Automation is about everything at your fingertips, isn’t it? Or at least it should be. That is what vTiger Quick Edit provides. The extension leads the list by enabling a very simple “Pencil” icon beside every relevant field, pressing which triggers the Edit function. The sole purpose of vTiger Quick Edit is to allow modification of related records (1:m, 1:1), while working in a record’s Edit/Create view. For more

3 Vtiger Extensions To Fortify CRM Data Security

June 30, 2016
  Vtiger’s aims and objectives have never been lesser than providing the best possible outcome to users. And when you rely upon us with your valuable information, we make sure to keep it secure and safe from every possible threat out there. That’s why we designed some really effective tools to keep the security at best. In this article, we summoned up a list of three security extensions by Vtiger that can eliminate and avoid any potential threats to your data.   Enhanced User Security   There is a renowned quote, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. Likewise, the sensitive information in your CRM attracts more threats as your business grow. Vtiger’s Enhanced User Security is the extension that ensures a strong defense against any potential invasions. With carefully designed and professionally employed features of this extension, the possibilities of getting hacked are eliminated. The login security extension