emails in vtiger

Email Conversation/Preview Extension For VTiger 7 – New Release

November 12, 2018
The standard view of emails in VTiger is quite uneasy to use. Every single email gets showed up in the related emails section. Information regarding emails is displayed in columns. If you need to view an email – you click it and it pops up, so far so good. But next email requires closing the current one and opening it which is quite irritating. But you know that already, right?   What’s new in the market is the Email Preview/Conversation extension for VTiger 7 open source, which transforms “simple” email list into conversation view. The view is very easy to read and includes email message on the list, meaning that you don’t need to open email to see the response. In addition, it differentiates emails from customers versus VTiger users by highlighting the background and adding divider borders.   The plugin is configurable, where you can define how many characters