custom field mapping

Custom Field Mapping of Lead And Opportunity Modules Makes Data Input Flawless In VTiger

May 9, 2016
The seem-to-be-simple front end activity of custom field’s data conversion of important modules like Lead and Opportunity does have some backend mapping going on. While the data of default fields of Vtiger 7’s modules is received in the relevant sections, the CRM comes with the flexibility to customize the mapping of the custom fields in Lead and Opportunity modules. Lead Conversion Data Mapping Once a Lead is qualified and converted, the data obtained in a custom field in the records can be automatically transferred to Contact, Organization, and Opportunity databases. This foolproof system of Vtiger 7 smoothly operates data management, and avoids any potential loss. Note! Modification or mapping is only allowed for custom fields. You have to: Map the custom fields manually. You don’t have to: Map the standard fields. You can: Map the Lead’s custom fields to Contacts, Organizations, and Opportunities. You can’t: Map the auto-generated fields like “Time