Currency Management in Vtiger CRM

June 2, 2021
usiness that are operating around the globe face a number of different challenges, from procurement to delivery of final product, everything became a bit more complex. Another major problem that such businesses face is currency conversion. It is very important to understand that when you sell a product or service globally, then you have to encounter multiple currencies. The currency that you will be accepting depends on the location from where you are receiving the payment. So, it is necessary that your CRM system accounts for multiple currencies. Currency Management in Vtiger CRM is much easier as compared to other CRM systems, because of its ease of use and great interface. Usually, all the CRM systems provide support to some level of multiple currency dealing, but mostly it is not sufficient and cause limitations in operations. So, while choosing the CRM for your business, keep this aspect under consideration if

VTiger 7 Currency Manager

November 22, 2016
The most important development of the 21st century is globalization. This phenomenon made the world a global village and the constraints of its development did not remain restricted to social contact only, it also revolutionized the way people do business with each other. People started to embrace the power of the internet and started to incorporate it in their business dealings. They not only used it to communicate with other parties across the globe, but they also started to sell their products in more than one country, directly to the customer, without involving any third party. The term E-business is formulated on this basis it  means conducting buying and selling of products using the internet. While expanding their business in other countries, people faced many serious problems and one of them is currency conversion. Imagine what could be more frustrating than losing a client only because he is willing to

Sort-Out The Currency Differences For Your Company Around The Globe With Vtiger’s Currency Manager

April 30, 2016
When you’re running a multi-national business, or planning to expand from a country to another, there are hundreds of real time as well as virtual problems you might face. While handling offshore businesses and your teams can be tricky, we do not want you wasting precious resources on common complications that can be handled otherwise. In this topic, we’re focusing on handling currency conversions without employing extra resources. Currency Manager of Vtiger 7 is an extremely helpful tool when it comes to dealing in multiple currencies. This feature is of assistance in dealing clients all over the world by incorporating national and international currencies. Base Currency First of all, you will have to select a base currency on the start-up page when you first log in. It will provide a threshold in a country against which the exchange rates are determined. Like INR is local currency of India and USD