advanced comments in vtiger

Smooth Loading Of Advanced Comments In VTiger 7

August 30, 2018
VTE Advanced Comments extension for VTiger takes the Comments in VTiger to a whole new level. It adds the options to do Rich text comments, mention other users using @ tagging feature and send the tagged users email notifications. It also allows users to enable the Conversation view of comments, configure the conversation view to your requirements, and categorize the comments using picklists. You can also add notes using another text field available in the comments because of the VTE Advanced Comments extension. You can also search for content in the comments. Recently, we made a huge performance upgrade to load the advanced comments even faster. Previously, it used to be 4 steps till the advanced comments were loaded properly. We implemented several modifications to bring the loading process down to 1 step. That means faster page loading, smooth UI, and easier access to the records. The whole process is