Integration Addon for Extension Pack

Extension Pack

VTExperts currently offers 80+ extensions for VTiger 6.x/7.x and almost every one of them is designed to work within VTiger, meaning that once it’s installed & configured – it will work as it should, without a need to update or troubleshoot. These extensions require less maintenance, support and they do not interact with any third party applications or exchange data because of that – we are able to offer extension pack for flat $69/month (excluding QuickBooks &


Integration Add-ons

There are 2 extensions that do not fall within the “Extension Pack” category. The reason is – those are “Integration Add-ons” and are dependable on a 3rd party application. Such integrations require a lot more development time, support and most important maintenance. These extensions (Integration Add-ons) are:


Our team has put it in thousands of hours to build these two integrations and the reality is  – it will require a lot more to keep up with 3rd party application updates. In addition, integrations/synchronization tend to require a lot more support time and often times, it’s due to how the integration is being used in the organization. Also, we would like to point out that, unlike any other extensions, that these 2 integrations will significantly increase organization’s productivity, efficiency as well as visibility in the crm. A great example is, if you do 100 invoices a month and it takes you/accountant to 3 minutes re-create it in QuickBooks/VTiger – that’s 6 hours a month!.


Integration Add-on Pricing

The Integration Add-on Pack is an additional $50/month, meaning that you can use QuickBooks or (or both) for $50/month. The price is NOT per individual add-on, it’s $50 flat fee for both.

At the time that you install either extension, you will be prompted to confirm & agree with terms and conditions.

For any questions – please contact us at


Frequently asked questions

1. Can I only get Integration Add-ons without the Extension Pack?

NO, Extension pack is required to run Integration Add-ons.

2. How do I install Integration Add-ons?

First, install extension pack (click here for instructions). Next, you will find both add-ons in the extension list.

3. Can I try it before I sign up? (free trial)

YES, you will automatically get 14 days free trial for Integration add-ons (after you install the extension).

4. Do I need to do anything to activate it?

NO, after you install the add-ons and go through the 14 day trial, the charge will be automatically applied to your account.

5. Do you provide assistance/support setting setting it up?

YES, we will work with you to get the integration up and running.

6. If I sign up for Extension pack and Integration Add-ons, what my cost will be?

$69/mo (Extension Pack) + $50/mo (Integration add-ons) = $119/mo

7Do I still have to pay $50 even if I only use ONE Integration Add-on (i.e QuickBooks?)

YES, the fee of $50 covers other BOTH, regardless which one you use (or both at the same time).

8. Is there a long term contract? 6-12 months?

NO, membership is month-to-month, meaning that you pay for a month in advance.

9. Are there any other fees? cancellation? setup? etc.. ?

NO, cancel any time, no setup fees.