Tabs Extension For VTiger 7 Now Supports Multiple Blocks

May 24, 2018
Tabs for VTiger 7  is an extension that converts field blocks into Tabs – to present the data in a different way according to your requirements. This is a more organized view that is very convenient to follow. To learn more about Tabs for VTiger 7 extension Click here.   There’s a new feature added to the extension, that allows to merge multiple blocks in one tab. That means, if you have several related blocks that should be shown together, you can combine them into one tab using the extension.   How to Configure Multiple Blocks Using Tabs To do so, go to the Module Field & Layout. You will see a settings wheel button besides the “Convert to Tab” switch above every block. When you click it, it will ask you to give a name of the Tab. You can combine several blocks by giving them same name in this

Create Custom Tabs In VTiger 7

April 2, 2018
In VTiger 7 user can convert field blocks into Tabs by using our Tabs Extention. Easy to configure (just switch the block on/off), compatible with all modules as well as fields. Tabs will contain the same fields/functionality as blocks. How to Create Custom Tabs Go to Menu >> Settings >> CRM Settings >> Module Management >> Module Layouts And Fields. Select the module and click on the “Add Block” button to create a custom block.     Enter the block name and select its position.     Click on the “Convert To Tab” switch to convert that custom block into a Tab.     Here you can see in the Organization Details the Custom block is showing in a Tab.     For further help, contact us on We’ll be glad to be of service.