Google Drive

Introducing the Google Drive Integration with VTiger

May 18, 2018
Google Drive is one of our recently added extensions that seamlessly integrates Google Drive with VTiger. Not only the Documents /Files/Folders in Google drive can be accessed from VTiger but they can be edited without downloading to your computer (supported files include Word, Excel, Text & images etc) by the Google File Viewer/ Editor. You can assign unique folders from Google Drive to the individual records and modules using a Built-in Folder Selector. It also shows the assigned Files/ Documents in two supported views that is Grid and List view. This integration also supports all modules, meaning that you can assign folders to any record e.g project, opportunity, order and access the folder while in VTiger. It is very user-friendly, Module-manager compatible  and got a rather straight forward Configuration Panel. After the configuration you can choose, create or assign folders from Google Drive to the records. For that, open a

Integrate VTiger 7 With Google Drive

April 25, 2018
Google Drive Integration for VTiger makes it very easy to access documents stored on Google Drive without leaving from the VTiger CRM. It fully integrates the two applications, by assigning Google Drive folders to VTiger records. How to Integrate VTiger 7 with Google Drive Links to be Used during Configuration URL: JavaScript origins: – your_vtiger_url — http://demo7.vtexperts.comAuthorized redirect URIs: – your_vtiger_url + google drive api link —     Go to Main Menu >> Settings >> CRM Settings >> Extensions List >> Google Drive Integration. After the install and first visit, you’ll be asked to download and install the “Google Api PHP Client”. Simply hit the “Download” button and it will automatically download and place the file at the required path. Enable Google Drive Integration, Click to Enable Google Drive Integration, Upload Client Secret File.     Open the google console for developers – link: It will prompt to login with an