On Event Creation an Automated Ticket will be Generated

November 12, 2021
Can a user generate an automated ticket, when an event is created in calendar? It is one of the most common question that we face from clients. Default Vtiger feature cannot do this. But, VTExperts provides a customization using which on event creation an automated ticket will be generated For example, Adam plans the physical meetings in organization XtraCare. But, he do not participate in those meeting as a member. To keep Adam inform, company wants an automated ticket assigned to Adam, whenever a user makes a calendar event. Adam’s can check the ticket and make the arrangements for the upcoming events without disturbing the privacy of other organizational members who are participating in the meeting The whole process will consists of two steps Creating and Event Generation of an automated ticket in response Firstly, an event will be created. Secondly, in response to that event an automated ticket will