Boost Sales Team’s Productivity By Visualizing Their Performance With VTiger’s Sales Insights

September 30, 2016
It is natural that sales managers who run a successful sales team use data to measure success. They measure task achievement using KPI (Key performance index) based upon culture involving critical evaluation of their teams. Let’s take an example: assume a sales manager who wanted to improve average time period taken by his sales representatives to close a deal. He will analyze the data regarding his sales reps and will identify fastest sales representatives. In the next step, he will study strategies and tactics that can be used by the slower sales reps to boost their close time and show improvements. This will help in improving the overall average deal closing time in the firm. Opportunities like these exist in every business environment and can yield great profits. Every business has end goals to improve its sales and revenues. A very common mistake observed in a sales environment is that

VTiger’s Appointment Pages Solve Major Problems To Schedule Meetings

September 27, 2016
Leads are slippery as fish; You can miss them within a blink.  Imagine that you have to schedule a meeting with one of your leads via email, who wants to see a trial of your services. You send an email with the next available hour of your availability, but your suggested time is not suitable for. So, he asks for 2 hours later, but it’s when your appointment with another organization is set. You reschedule again and again through emails until both parties settle upon a time or the lead runs away. This hassle and risk was enough, right? Yes, but only if you both concur on a same time. Here’s the 2nd part of the horror story: what if your lead asks you to rearrange the appointment? Also, you lose the credibility if between the chain of meetings an email is read a bit late or time zone difference

How To Upgrade VTiger CRM From 6.3 To 6.4

September 27, 2016
Upgrading VTiger CRM From 6.3 to 6.4 To keep your organization up to date with the modern technical standards has become mandatory, since the competition has risen. VTiger CRM also needs to evolve with the flow of time in order to keep providing excellent support. VTiger, being a complex CRM, always keeps enhancing via updates, and it is only reasonable to upgrade to the latest version. However, the process is not very simple, especially for those who had not done it before. But, if you decide to perform the update of VTiger CRM from version 6.3 to 6.4, this article will guide you through the process. On the other hand, if you consider your data too valuable to not risk, we at VTiger Experts can execute it for you. Our developers are skilled and highly experienced in upgrading, implementing, and customizing the VTiger CRM, no matter what version it is. Note:

VTiger Dynamic Fields Streamline The Data Entry

September 23, 2016
It is only understandable that you need your screens clean and tidy (modules or dashboards). It’s also very obvious that empty fields occupy a lot of space and most of the times, there is no reason to populate CRM modules with them. Empty fields also make it harder to locate the essential and required information quickly. Imagine your module exhibiting data like this: Without a doubt, few of the fields will be of great use to you. But some of those will be totally irrelevant at times. For example, the first and last names will always have high priority in terms of visibility. Take a look at the image above, some of the fields are completely empty and contain zero information like “LastLogin On”, “Deleted On”, “User Status” etc. Looking at them closely reveals that they are related to an online account, which in this case is not possessed by

VTiger 360: The Mobile Android & iOS App For Cloud Editions

September 19, 2016
It is plain natural that you cannot sit in front of your personal computer all day long only to keep an eye about what’s going on in the CRM. Every single person has tasks to do, especially those with businesses to look. What if you could have a quick look on your VTiger 7 CRM without having the necessity to approach the PC? Maybe you have to check what was the most recent activity performed by your contacts, or in another scenario, your clients’ office and suddenly you have to check the fluctuation of the price of a product. So to cope up with little but important matters like these, you need a computer system, Wi-Fi, and so many other accessories. So why not save the hassle just by using VTiger 360 mobile phone application, because you can. Just by using VTiger 360 app you can save yourself from such

VTiger 7 Open Source – Features (Preliminary List)

September 15, 2016
Here’s an early cut of the enhancements that we hope to have in VTiger 7 branch in by early December. Vtiger 7 UI layout Easier list views Spreadsheet like editing in lists Private / Public tags Web form attachments Variable Taxes, Charges and Regions Duplicate prevention Picklist Coloring App Menus Rollup comments Multiple dashboard tabs Controlled sharing of Lists Custom Activity Type   Vtiger 7 will also include API enhancements, and library upgrades. More info coming soon, stay tuned to our Social Media.

Integrating Office 365 With VTiger For Data Synchronization

September 14, 2016
The article explains one of the features of VTiger CRM cloud version. However, the same or even better functionality can be added to VTiger CRM open source version. From the previous few articles, it can be easily evaluated that VTiger 7 is a CRM with no verges. From integrations to synchronizations to exceptional support and ticketing features, VTiger 7 is undoubtedly the best open source out there. We’ll talk more about the productive and beneficent services of VTiger 7 in the upcoming articles. Our today’s read is about another useful synchronization that enhances the significance of VTiger CRM. Since the major update from Microsoft named as Office 365, a huge traffic has revolved their ways to the package. So, it got inevitable to integrate the giant with the CRM. With the connector developed by VTiger for Office 365, synchronization between both management tools has been made possible. You can now

VTiger 7 Scheduled to be Released in February 2017

September 13, 2016
There has been a lot of talk about new release of VTiger 7 which will have new user interface and enhanced functionality. Here’s what Sreenivas Kunumuru had to say:   We plan to release 7.0 by February. What will be in 7.0? It will feature the new UI that our cloud users have been using. Please post your suggestions here – 7.0 Wishlist We want code contributions. Every merge request on, will be reviewed and if appropriate get merged. 70% of merge requests are already merged. 40% of the issues that are reported are already resolved. (Ref: With Vtiger 7, we will improve the core platform with easier UI, and hope to extend the APIs.   VTiger has not published a complete roadmap or features list yet, but that should be available to public in the next month or two. The Alpha/Beta version is scheduled to be released

How To Use VTiger – Outlook Plugin For Data Synchronization

September 12, 2016
There are a number of platforms whose data can be synced into VTiger CRM. One of the most important and essential ones is Outlook. A huge number of businesses depend upon Outlook for their multiple needs. So, here is the data synchronization discussion for Outlook. The Outlook plugin in VTiger 7 is an easy and coherent way of synchronizing the CRM contacts, events, and to-dos with the information manager. Its control panel is filled with a number of tools that help you along. With the plugin you can: Synchronize Contacts, Events, and To-dos both ways Attach emails received in Outlook to the records they belong in your VTiger CRM account Configure the data flow and sync directions i.e. from VTiger 7 to Outlook or Outlook to VTiger 7 Restrict the harmonization of data according to the user and CRM sharing rules and profiles Notes! Vtiger CRM Plugin for Outlook 3.2 brings

5 VTiger Extensions To Manage Lists Professionally

September 9, 2016
Dealing with lists can be tricky in VTiger CRM, whether those are Related lists, list-view, or Kanban view. We gave deep thoughts to sort those needs, and designed some extensions that you will surely find very helpful in managing lists in VTiger.   VTiger Related & List view Edits   This VTiger extension allows you to edit fields from within any Related or List-view. So you don’t have to open a record to edit, as you can perform the changes from the Related or List-view. It is as simple as it sounds. Plus, the extension is compatible with all the custom & standard fields as well as all field types (text, picklist, multi-select, currency, lookup/relation, etc.). And it also supports custom filters and views. VTiger Related & List-view Edits is a great way to enhance the efficiency of your CRM system. The ability to modify records without the actual requirement

2 Must Have VTiger Extensions For System Administrators

September 5, 2016
In the previous weeks, we have discussed a number of useful VTiger extensions that you can avail and implement in your CRM for the ease of your team and users to enhance the productivity. Today, we suggest 2 extensions that directly benefit system administrators in the most superior way.   VTiger Automated Backups   This stellar app for VTiger allows system administrators to backup VTiger Files &  Database to a local folder or an off-site FTP without any hassle. The process is simple and easy. With VTiger Automated Backups module, you can go through and schedule out your automated backups for the best possible and timely outcome without any struggle. The number of days for keeping backups, frequency of the autorun, and the email notifications can be configured. Retrieving the backup is nothing more than moving back to the interface for VTiger Automated. For detailed information about the extension including