vTiger Login Tracker User Guide

vTiger Failed Login Tracker will help you identify individuals who are trying to access your vTiger without having correct password. It was designed to log each failed login attempt and report it to system administrator.

  • Mouse of the “Gear” icon in the right/upper corner
  • Hit “CRM Settings”
  • Click on “Field Login History”

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  • Switch mode responsible for showing passwords” – is a setting to show or not the passwords people are trying to enter. In the screenshot below you can see “admin” attempts to log in as well as the passwords.
  • Only one user can be logged into one user account” – if it’s checked, only one session will be available per user. For example, if admin is already logged in – no one else will be able to login with admin account.
  • You can log on only one IP address” – will limit user logins to one IP address, and no other IP addresses will be allowed to log in.
  • [1] Session expiration time (in hours)” – if user is idling it will log him out after an hour of inactivity.

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  • vTiger Failed Login Tracker – Core file overwrite

Once the vTiger Failed Login Tracker is installed – 2 vTiger core files are replaced:


In case you will ever want to restore those files, you will find them in the folder below:


Note, we always backup your core files before overwriting them.