ZohoCRM to vTiger CRM

Going from one CRM to another can be a stressful task. Our experienced vTiger CRM Data Migration Experts will analyze your existing ZohoCRM database and propose a stress free migration plan. ZohoCRM to vTigerCRM Data Migration includes all the records and linkages as well as any system or custom fields.

In case you need a new custom module for the data coming from ZohoCRM – our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will create and customize the module or function to accommodate the data coming from ZohoCRM to vTigerCRM.

Rough pricing is displayed below. The price is not final and varies(+- 30%) depending on the migration complexity, number of records, custom modules/objects as well as the project timeline.

ZohoCRM EntityvTigerCRM EntityNumber of RecordsPrice
ZohoCRM AccountsvTiger Organizations10,000$200
ZohoCRM ContactsvTiger Contacts20,000$250
ZohoCRM LeadsvTiger Leads15,000$200
ZohoCRM OpportunitiesvTiger Opportunities/Potentials10,000$300
ZohoCRM ActivitiesvTiger Activities/History75,000$250
ZohoCRM Notes & DocumentsvTiger Documents10,000$300
ZohoCRM CampaignsvTiger Campaigns500$250
ZohoCRM Cases/SolutionsvTiger Trouble Tickets20,000$300

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