vTigerCRM to vTiger CRM

vTigerCRM to vTiger CRM Migration is usually performed when vTiger CRM database was heavily customized and is no longer suitable for the standard vTiger CRM upgrade process. We had instances where “some” developer worked on customer’s vTiger CRM years ago and no one knows what was done to it, thus the standard migration process is no longer working. In cases like these, there are two things you can do:

  1. Work with the existing database and force it to go through the standard vTiger migration process
  2. Start fresh – do a full export from your current vTiger and import the data into a fresh vTiger build.

Both options will do the job, however with the first option, even if you get to the point of a successful standard migration – you still may have some issues going forward, due to the fact that some of the vTiger functionality might break due to the altered database.

On the other hand, while starting fresh – we would do full export from your current database and import the records/entities you request to the fresh vTiger CRM build.  Once the import is complete, you will have a fully functional vTiger CRM with an ability to upgrade as the new version comes out.

Either way you would go – you would the custom functionality or modules that have been built in. In case there’s a need to persevere those function or custom modules – our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will recreate the necessary functionality and modules.

Our professional vTiger CRM Data Migration experts will transfer the required data including all the standard and custom records as well as all the necessary linkages.

vTiger EntityPrice
vTiger Services$100
vTiger Contacts$100
vTiger Organizations$100
vTiger Activities$100
vTiger Email Messages$100
vTiger Opportunities$100
vTiger Trouble Tickets$100
vTiger FAQ$100
vTiger Services Contracts$100
vTiger Campaigns$100
vTiger Comments$200
vTiger Products$100
vTiger Leads$100
vTiger Price Books$100
vTiger Quotes$200
vTiger Invoices$200
vTiger Sales Orders$200
vTiger Purchase Orders$200
vTiger Documents$100
vTiger Assets$100
vTiger Vendors$100
vTiger Projects$100
vTiger Project Tasks$100
vTiger Project Milestones$100

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