SugarCRM to vTiger CRM

Our Experienced vTiger Data CRM Migration specialist will transfer your SugarCRM data to vTigerCRM. The migration includes all the possible record types(standard or custom),  linkages  as well as all the necessary system fields, user assignments, original created/modified date and created/modified by user.

SugarCRM is like vTigerCRM – both are open source, and if you have any custom modules or custom functions – our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will create necessary modules and functions to accommodate the data from SugarCRM.

The pricing table below gives you a rough idea of what does it take migrate your data from SugarCRM to vTigerCRM. These are just a rough prices – they do vary(+- 30%) based on the number of records, modules that you want to transfer as well as the project timeline.

SugarCRM EntityvTiger EntityNumber of RecordsPrice
SugarCRM AccountsvTiger Organizations10,000$200
SugarCRM ContactsvTiger Contacts20,000$200
SugarCRM LeadsvTiger Leads15,000$200
SugarCRM OpportunitiesvTiger Opportunities/Potentials10,000$300
SugarCRM EmployeesvTiger Users100$200
SugarCRM CampaignsvTiger Campaigns500$250
SugarCRM TargetsvTiger Custom Module10,000$400
SugarCRM CasesvTiger Trouble Tickets20,000$300
SugarCRM ActivitiesvTiger Activities/History75,000$250
SugarCRM EmailsvTiger Emails75,000$250
SugarCRM NotesvTiger Activities/Documents10,000$300
SugarCRM DocumentsvTiger Documents25,000$250

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