Salesforce to vTiger CRM

Salesforce to vTiger CRM Data Migration can be daunting task considering how many different record types and linakges Salesforce has. Our Professional vTiger CRM Data Migration Experts have the necessary experience and the knowledge to transfer all the records and linkages from Salesforce to vTiger CRM.

Salesforce to vTiger CRM Data Migration includes all the possibles record types such as Contacts, Accounts, Historical and Calendar Activities, Products and Services, Trouble tickets and FAQs, Notes/Attachments & Emails as well as any custom object/module that was created in Salesforce. With help from our vTiger CRM Custom Development team we will create a similar custom object/module in vTiger CRM to assure the complete Data Migration.

The prices below gives a rough estimate of what it takes to do Salesforce to vTiger CRM Data Migration. The prices are not final and might fluctuate +- 30% depending on individual customer setup, data quantity, custom mapping and project timeline.

From Salesforce EntityTo vTiger EntityNumber of RecordsPrice
Salesforce ContactsvTiger Contacts20,000$200
Salesforce AccountsvTiger Organizations10,000$200
Salesforce LeadsvTiger Leads15,000$200
Salesforce Historical/ActivitiesvTiger History/Activities75,000$250
Salesforce Notes & AttachmentsvTiger Documents25,000$250
Salesforce Emails(HTML)vTiger Emails75,000$250
Salesforce OpportunitiesvTiger Opportunities/Potentials10,000$300
Salesforce QuotesvTiger Quotes10,000$350
Salesforce ProductsvTiger Products/Services10,000$150
Salesforce Price BooksvTiger Price Books1,000$200
Salesforce UsersvTiger Users100$200
Salesforce Cases(Tickets)vTiger Trouble Tickets20,000$300
Salesforce Solutions(FAQ)vTiger Solutions/FAQ10,000$150
Salesforce AssetsvTiger Assets10,000$250
Salesforce CampaignsvTiger Campaigns500$250
Salesforce Custom ObjectvTiger Custom Module10,000$300

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