Microsoft Dynamics CRM to vTiger CRM

We provide professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM to vTiger CRM Migration services. Our experienced team of vTiger CRM Data Migration experts will work with you to convert your MS Dynamics database into vTiger CRM. Quality speaks for ourselves and we will assure that no record will be left behind. We will transfer custom & standard fields as well as the user assignments, date fields and any other non standard field types.

We’ve been dealing with vTiger CRM Data Migrations for many years and understand that some of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality will not be in vTiger CRM, however we will work with our vTiger CRM Custom Development team to implement necessary modules & the functionality.

The pricing table below is just to give you an idea of what does it take to convert specific date record types from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to vTiger CRM. The price will change based on number of custom fields, additional linkages, number of records as well as the timeline.

MS Dynamics CRM EntityvTigerCRM EntityNumber of RecordsPrice
MS Dynamics CRM AccountsvTiger Organizations10,000$250
MS Dynamics CRM ContactsvTiger Contacts20,000$250
MS Dynamics CRM LeadsvTiger Leads15,000$200
MS Dynamics CRM OpportunitiesvTiger Opportunities10,000$300
MS Dynamics CRM Calls/TasksvTiger Activities/History75,000$300
MS Dynamics CRM DocumentsvTiger Documents10,000$300
MS Dynamics CRM CampaignsvTiger Campaigns500$250
MS Dynamics CRM CasesvTiger Trouble Tickets20,000$300
MS Dynamics CRM GoalsvTiger Custom Module5,000$300
MS Dynamics CRM SubjectsvTiger Custom Module5,000$300

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