Microsoft Access to vTiger CRM

Our professional vTiger CRM Data Migration team will migrate your data from Microsoft Access to vTiger CRM transferring all the required data and creating all the necessary standard and custom linkages between the records.

We do have an extensive experience working with miscellaneous data sources including Microsoft Access. We find that Microsoft Access was mostly used in miscellaneous applications to run over the network and the database structure is not usually a “CRM type”. Since it’s usually not coming from a CRM type of database, we do a custom mapping for each entity stored in Microsoft Access Database.

Our vTiger CRM Data Migration experts analyze the data and review the migration plan with you to make sure that the mapping we created will work for you.  In case there is a need for custom module to accommodate the data coming from Microsoft Access to vTiger CRM – our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will do whats necessary to create additional modules or functions.

Assuming you have 4 types(Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Notes) of data then the Microsoft Access to vTiger CRM Data Migration would cost 500$-1000$. The price will vary based on the migration complexity, number of records and linkages as well as the database structure.

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