Custom Data Source to vTiger CRM

Our Experienced vTiger CRM Data Migration team has built a variety of tools allowing to import the data from any source to vTiger CRM. Our vTiger CRM Data Migration Experts have worked with data sources such as Postgre SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, XML,  space/comma/tab delimited files, etc.. and is confident that we can transfer the data from your database(what ever it would be).

The vTiger CRM Data Migration would be customized to accommodate your database and would transfer all the necessary standard and custom records as well as the linkages. In case there’s a need for custom module to store the data coming from the source database – our vTiger CRM Custom Development team would create a custom module and migrate the necessary data.

The cost will greatly vary on the type of the database, number of records as well as the different record types that we would be importing into vTiger CRM. Usually vTiger CRM Data Migrations which have 4 record types(Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Notes) would start at 500$ and can go up to 1000$.

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