Goldmine to vTiger CRM

Our professional vTiger CRM Data Migration Services will migrate your Goldmine data to vTiger CRM including all the necessary linkages between the custom records as well as all the system fields such as user user assignments, original created/modified date/time and created/modified by user. In case you need to transfer any custom type of record which was created by Goldmine Addon – Our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will create a new module and transfer the necessary data ensuring that no data will be lost or left behind during the Goldmine to vTiger CRM Data Migration.

We listed the prices for our Goldmine To vTiger CRM Data Migration services so you can get an idea what it takes to migrate your Goldmine data into a vTiger CRM. Note, that the price is not final – it fluctuates based on number of custom fields, number of records as well as the project timeline.

We know from the experience that the businesses tend to find their way around the CRM and make it work for them, so in case your source data entities are not used by purpose – we will work with you on the custom mapping to make sure the data is migrated to the right place.

From Goldmine EntityTo vTiger EntityNumber of RecordsPrice
Goldmine Contacts
vTiger Contacts20,000 $300
Goldmine CompaniesvTiger Organizations10,000$200
Goldmine Pending/Historical ActivitiesvTiger History/Activities50,000$250
Goldmine Email MessagesvTiger Emails75,000$250
Goldmine Attachments(Links)
vTiger Documents30,000$250
Goldmine Forecaseted Sales
vTiger Opportunities/Potentials10,000$300

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