Excel/CSV/DBF/TXT/SQL to vTiger CRM

Migration to vTiger CRM is not an easy task considering that you are migrating from a different type of data and can be very challenging to succesfully complete the transition. Our experienced team of vTiger CRM Data Migration architects will work with you and analyze data files and propose the migration plan into vTiger CRM.

We have years of experience working with miscellaneous data sources including Excel, CSV, XML,TXT, SQL, DBF, etc... The  file/database structure is not always straight forward or easy to understand. We do our best to extract the data and then review it with you to make sure we got everything right. Since it may not be coming from a CRM type of database, we usually do a custom mapping for each entity stored in Source Database. If there is a need for custom modules or custom functionality our vTiger CRM Custom Development team will do whats necessary to accommodate the data  and ensure smooth transition.

Assuming you have 4 types(Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Notes) of data then the vTiger CRM Data Migration would cost 500$-1000$.  Note, that the price is not final – it fluctuates based on number of data entities/files, custom fields and linkages, number of records as well as the project timeline.

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