Workflow email. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Email Workflows in VTiger

May 25, 2021
Workflows play a vital role in sending automated emails. In this article we will look at Troubleshooting Email Workflows in VTiger What is Email Workflow? An automated email is sent when a specific condition is met. Email will be only sent if a specified email is fulfilled. When the condition is met the email will not be sent right-away, in fact it will be added in a queue and will be sent once the VTiger cron-job is executed A Basic Example how to set a simple Email Workflow. We are setting a simple email workflow, it will send an email to the respective contact email id whenever the phone no is changed or updated. Following are the basic details regarding the workflow we are going to set up and when will it trigger Following is the condition i.e. When Office phone is changed Following is the action that will be executed when the condition is fulfilled. In add action drop down