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Recently Modified & Recently Viewed Widget For VTiger 7 (like VTiger 6)

January 15, 2019
recently viewed recently modified in vtiger 7
In VTiger 6, there was this useful widget to see recently modified records in VTiger. It appeared once you open a module > record. The list was capable to display 10 recent most edited records max. That means, if you modified a record, moved several records ahead and suddenly realized you needed to update another thing in the first record – you can easily get to it from that widget. This widget was useful, but cut off in the VTiger 7 upgrade. Moreover, there was no alternate provided. That’s why we built this customization that does exactly the same and more. We created two widgets as VTiger 6’s functionality: Recently Modified: This widget shows the recently modified records from the same module. Recently Viewed: This widget displays the recently viewed records. This is a bit more complicated to implement and new feature. VTiger 6 only had the option to view

New Widget in VTiger Calendar View (Additional Filters)

July 14, 2016
VTiger Calendar is great, but not perfect. As every software, there’s always room for improvement. One of the customers requested to add a special widget on the calendar view, so their managers could easily filter only the activities they need to see. If you look at the screenshot, you will see that the widget is embedded in the calendar view and allows a detailed search of events. Search fields are as follows: Organization Name (it’s an ajax/type ahead field, once you start typing – it will show possible matches) Status (activity status) Activity Type Assigned To (group/user assigned to activity) Such detailed search allows the customer to exclude the unnecessary activities/events/tasks from the calendar view and prioritize the day. This is one of the many customizations that we did – if you have an idea for implementation or need assistance with VTiger – please shoot as an email or give us