vtiger time tracker

Log Employee Times Automatically Into Time Sheets With Time Tracker

September 2, 2018
The Timesheet extension enables the VTiger users to track employee/user time, visually. It basically allows users to log time spent on particular tasks, with their exact duration. These time logs can then be associated with any record within VTiger. This extension supports custom periods, which allows to adjust the length of the period suitable for the business hours. The time records can then be locked to prevent any further modifications. It also automatically calculates the Totals and show them in an easily understandable manner. Lastly, the admins can import/export the data, run reports, or create workflows using these time records as well as run reports. So, this is a must-have extension for payroll management and tracking the time spent (how and where) by contractors. We have further enhanced the efficiency of Timesheets by making it compatible with another very useful tool of ours, Timetracker. It allows showing and hiding the