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New UI Summary Widgets For VTiger

December 19, 2018
vtiger summary widgets new UI
Summary Widgets – as the name suggests, enables to manage i.e. add or remove any widgets from any module’s summary view. For adding a new widget, you can add new widgets from any related module. On the added widget, you can add new record, select from existing, click on the related records to edit individual fields as well as record. Editing a record is managed in the intuitive Quick Edit popup (similar to Quick Create in VTiger). Administrators can configure the widgets to show the defined information on the widget. It also allows to sort the shown information as well as limit the number of entries. It also allows to add a custom comments widget. Its more helpful as it has custom features like show/hide comments etc. Removing a widget includes hiding any standard available widgets on any module. For example, comments, activity, documents, related modules etc. You can read