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New Release – SLA Policies Extension For VTiger

September 21, 2018
There’s no denying of the importance of SLA in any business, specially where the opportunities are closed or won within the nick of a minute, or where the clients do not tend to wait if appropriate support is not provided within the reasonable amount of time. Multi-billionaire companies tend to get back to their customers and listen and complete their demands. They use the SLA systems in order to get abrupt sales and support responses. We understand the importance of SLA for your company.   We also understand that VTiger’s out-of-box system does not support any kind of such functionality – even something you can use as a peripheral alternative. That’s why we came up with the SLA extension for VTiger, which covers all the needs of a company to configure SLA + does more.   SLA Policy Extension for VTiger was designed to improve response times, accountability, when dealing