vtiger premium

VTiger Premium

October 7, 2016
Important Announcement: With VTiger 7 around the corner, we’re working to update all of our extensions. All of the VTiger Premium members will be upgraded free of cost when it’s released.   Companies grow, products advance; with the current momentum of innovation, it has become routine now-a-days. But then there are some that leave mark in technology or some that start a new era in the business. VTiger Premium is one of that idea and innovation which is starting a new era. What is VTiger Premium? With 80+ extensions readily available in the market that can be bought and employed, 3000+ premium extensions have been installed by users. There are several more extensions in developmental stages and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. VTiger Premium is the module that will let you access all of the 80+ premium existing extensions for a very low cost. Also, the upcoming extensions,