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VTiger 7 Scheduled to be Released in February 2017

September 13, 2016
There has been a lot of talk about new release of VTiger 7 which will have new user interface and enhanced functionality. Here’s what Sreenivas Kunumuru had to say:   We plan to release 7.0 by February. What will be in 7.0? It will feature the new UI that our cloud users have been using. Please post your suggestions here – 7.0 Wishlist We want code contributions. Every merge request on code.vtiger.com, will be reviewed and if appropriate get merged. 70% of merge requests are already merged. 40% of the issues that are reported are already resolved. (Ref: code.vtiger.com) With Vtiger 7, we will improve the core platform with easier UI, and hope to extend the APIs.   VTiger has not published a complete roadmap or features list yet, but that should be available to public in the next month or two. The Alpha/Beta version is scheduled to be released