vTiger Google Address Lookup

Improve Your Data with vTiger Google Address Lookup

April 20, 2015
Having accurate data is essential for maximizing your business potential. If your vTiger CRM data is filled with errors and inconsistencies, then your customer relationships could suffer. One important aspect of your CRM data is having the correct address associated with the correct customer. When the address is outdated or inaccurate, then you may end up losing sales or shipping a product to the wrong person. Manually checking and fixing all of your vTiger CRM addresses can be a big pain. Your business can’t afford to spend the time on these manual checks that will inevitably result in more errors. Luckily, this process can be automated to meet your needs.   Accurate and Instant Addresses with vTiger Google Address Lookup With vTiger Google Address Lookup, you can ensure the accuracy of all your customer data. This powerful extension will automatically check addresses with Google Maps and update when necessary. Having all