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Timesheets Extension For VTiger Is Now Available

February 26, 2018
There were lot of requests for this extension in the past year. As most of our extensions are focused to “keep it all under one hood – CRM” (Email Marketing/Campaign for VTiger is the best example), keeping track of workers’ timings was very problematic before, not to mention bringing it to the CRM for billing, records, configuring workflows, and reporting. That’s the reason we developed this record-keeping extension Timesheets for VTiger that allows users to log the time spent in details as well as system admins to keep tabs on them. Timesheets is an extension for VTiger designed to elegantly track employees’ (users) time, with ability to visualize it. It supports custom periods, where you can adjust the length of the period to fit your business. In addition, periods can be locked to prevent any further modifications. It’s simplistic design, makes it extremely easy to log the time and specify