vTiger CRM Trick/Tip

Invoice/Quote/Sales Order Default to Service instead of Product.

July 18, 2013
By default when you start Invoice, Quote or Sales Order the item defaults to products. This is not convenient for businesses who are oriented towards services, however there’s a quick tip how to change the first line item to services. We strongly recommend to backup vTiger files and database before doing any changes to code/database. Navigate to “vtigercrm/Smarty/templates/Inventory/ProductDetails.tpl” Go to line 172, the line should be: <img id=”searchIcon1″ title=”Products” src=”{‘products.gif‘|@vtiger_imageurl:$THEME}” style=”cursor: pointer;” align=”absmiddle” onclick=”productPickList(this,’{$MODULE}’,1)” /> Change it to: <img id=”searchIcon1″ title=”Services” src=”{‘services.gif‘|@vtiger_imageurl:$THEME}” style=”cursor: pointer;” align=”absmiddle” onclick=”servicePickList(this,’{$MODULE}’,1)” /> Save files and you are set.