vTiger CRM Migration

Migration Incompleted. Please contact your system administrator.

August 28, 2013
The vTiger error “Migration Incompleted. Please contact your system administrator.” is usually caused by vTiger not being able to connect to the MySQL database. Possible causes: MySQL Server is not available/down MySQL Server host has changed MySQL Username/Password is not correct/has changed MySQL Database name has changed In order to adjust the MySQL credentials, first you have to verify them with your host provider and adjust them in config.inc.php. Go to your vTigerCRM directory Open “config.inc.php” with your favorite text editor Go to line 47 – verify that the $dbconfig[‘db_server’] has the correct MySQL Host Name Go to line 48 – verify that the $dbconfig[‘db_port’] has the correct MySQL Port Go to line 49 – verify that the $dbconfig[‘db_username’] has the correct MySQL Username Go to line 50 – verify that the $dbconfig[‘db_password’] has the correct MySQL Password Go to line 51 – verify that the $dbconfig[‘db_name’] has the correct MySQL Database Name Hope that helps!