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How to Change Document Maximum Upload Size in vTiger?

August 28, 2013
Out of the box vTiger has a limit of 3MB for the file upload when creating and uploading an external document to vTiger. In order to increase the file limit, you have to set it in vTiger Configuration Editor as well as in you servers’ php.ini file. vTiger Configuration Editor: Mouse over the “gear” icon on the right upper corner Click “CRM Settings” Under “Other Settings” section, hit “Configuration Editor” Find “Max. Upload Size (Max XMB)” and set it to 30MB(you can set it to higher number if needed). Save the Configuration Editor by clicking “Save”. Server Configuration – php.ini. If you are on shared hosting, most likely you will not have access to php.ini – you should contact your hosting provider to adjust the values. However, if you do have access, follow the instructions below: Open php.ini with your favorite text editor Find “post_max_size = XXMB” and change it