vTiger CRM Default Field Value

How to Change Default “Related To” From Organizations to Contacts?

August 28, 2013
Out of the box vTiger does not support setting the default “Related To” dropdown values. The “Related To” dropdown is used in many modules such as “Trouble Tickets”, “Opportunities”, “Projects”, “Service Contracts”, etc… In order to change the default “Related To” value from Organizations to Contacts, you will have to adjust the database. Note, if you are not familiar with MySQL and the database structure, you are better off having someone else do it. We would be glad to help – Contact us. The table that needs to be modified is ‘vtiger_fieldmodulerel‘. Open the table and you will see the first 2 rows are: You need to change the “relmodule” value to switch “Accounts” with “Contacts” and “Contacts” with “Accounts“. Whenever you start a new Opportunity/Potential the default “Related To” value will be the the first one for the “module”. The end result should be: Again, if you need help

How to set default value for vTiger field?

July 26, 2013
vTiger 5.4 introduced an option to select the default value for most of the fields. To do so, do: Mouse over the “gear” icon on the right upper corner Click “CRM Settings” Under “Studio” section, hit “Module Manager” Click on the wrench(far right side) next to the module you want to add custom field. Click “Layout Editor” Find the field you want to set default value for, click on “Note with a Pen” next to the field. Select the Default value, hit save. Now every time you create a record, it will default to the value selected. If you are on vTiger 5.3 or lower you will not be able to set default values using this method.