vTiger CRM 6.0

Automatic Call Logging – vTiger CRM Android App!

October 29, 2013
vTigerCRM has just released an update for it’s Android App. The vTiger CRM Android App Update includes: Mobile Call Logging Whenever you get an Incoming or do an Outgoing call – the contacts from your vTigerCRM are matched against the number you are dialing/receiving and automatically records the call and places it in Contact’s Activities tab. It’s really helpful to keep track of calls made and receive – you have no longer to do that manually. Offline Record Editing If you find yourself in an area where there’s no service or you are out of your wifi zone – you will still be able to view update your vTigerCRM records. Once you get back online – the changes will sync to vTigerCRM. Miscellaneous bugs Few minor bugs and enhancements have also been included in the new release. The app can be downloaded at official vTiger CRM store.

How to Create a Custom Module In vTigerCRM 6?

September 25, 2013
vTiger 6 came out with a very useful and easy to use tool to create custom modules. Unfortunately, the tool is not part of the user interface, however with a very little knowledge of unix and ability to navigate using SSH connection – you will be able to create a vTiger custom module within few seconds. Firs thing you need to do is find out how to connect to your server via SSH. For those how are using shared hosting, it is not always an option, so you should check with your hosting provider if this option is available. Assuming you have access and know how to connect, go ahead connect to the server and navigate to your vTiger directory. The tool is located at /yourvtigercrm6/vtlib/tools/ folder, go ahead and navigate to that folder, assuming you are in your vTiger6 folder, you would just do cd  vtlib/tools/ There is a file