vtiger conditional alert

Merging Data Into Conditional Popup/Alerts For VTiger

March 23, 2018
Conditional alert is the extension that allows to setup popup alerts while viewing, creating, or editing records in VTiger 7. The alerts can be based on the conditions of any fields in records related to then current one. So you can specify the status of a related record to impact another one. It has lot of other features like where do you want to give the alerts, or stopping users to create new records when a specific condition is met. We’re enhancing the functionality of Conditional popup/alerts extension for VTiger by adding the support for mapping data by simply using the short code for a field. For example, you can use $last_name$ to bring on the Last Name of the record, or to populate the conditional alert popup with email ID of the contact, $primary_email$ string will do the work. This mapping works with any of the field of the