vtiger and gdpr

VTExperts Comply With GDPR Regulations Update 2018

May 11, 2018
This article explains the compliance of VTExperts Inc. with GDPR’s regulations until 2018. VTExperts has always been up to date when it comes to security standards and safety measurements. We’ve already been following the best practices in regards to collecting, processing, and managing our Clients’ data. So we took this opportunity to clarify how do we go about the data we have and how much is it that we collect. As we deal in VTiger CRM versions VTiger 7 and VTiger 6, GDPR affects greatly all of the CRMs just as VTiger CRM. For legal documentation, please see our GDPR compliance statement.   What Data Do We Collect? It is often considered that our extensions collect huge amount of data as they require constant connectivity to Internet. Here’s the correction. We DO NOT collect any of the data through our extensions. Our extensions need connectivity to our license server to