unsubscribe in vtiger

Email Marketing/Campaign Extension For VTiger Supports Resubscribe Contacts

November 9, 2018
Email Marketing Automation/Campaign is an extension for VTiger 7 that transforms VTiger into sophisticated email marketing/campaign tool. It includes a step by step wizard, easy to use “marketing list” (to load contacts/leads/organizations), review & send + confirmation/summary view that shows exactly what and when is going to be sent. In addition, it supports batch sending, meaning that you can schedule emails to go out over 15, 30, 60min instead of sending them all at once. The tool comes with #1 open source email builder to design modern campaigns.   As the extension allows the receivers to unsubscribe from the email lists, according to the latest user right laws and GDPR restrictions, the tool is no less than any modern and fancy email marketing tools.   Now we have added the ability for system admins to Re-subscribe the unsubscribed users. This helps for the addresses where you see client being interested